Updated - June 30, 2022

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

All sessions held in the Rocky Mountain Meeting Room

Session IV: White/Beige/Brown Adipose Tissue Physiology: Impact on Systemic Lipid Metabolism

7:30-9:00 AM Breakfast Buffet (Mt Powell Breakfast Room)

8:30 AM  Franz Simon Poster Award/Introduction – Recipients To be Announced - Moshe Levi, MD, President, Kern Lipid Conference/Georgetown University - USA

8:40 AM  “Targeting Mitochondria Interaction with Lipid Droplets to Affect Lipid Storage and Utilizations” - Orian Shirhai, MD, PhD, UCLA – USA

9:10 AM “Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells and Adipose Tissue Remodeling" - Patrick Seale, PhD, University of Pennsylvania - USA

9:40 AM “Physiological Roles of Lipokines Derived from Thermogenic Adipose Tissue" - Yu-Hua Tseng, PhD, Joslin - USA

10:10 AM Coffee Break

Session V: White/Beige/Brown Adipose Tissue Physiology: An Industry Perspective on Adipose Dysfunction

10:30 AM “Metabolic Adaptations that Power Adipocyte Thermogenesis” - David Guertin, PhD, UMass Worcester, USA

11:00 AM “Industry Roundtable -The Future of Adipose Directed Therapeutics”

11:30 PM “Adipogenesis and Age-Related Adiposity” - Qiong Annabel Wang, PhD, City of Hope - USA

12:00 PM “Characterizing the Adipose Secretome” - Paul Cohen, MD, PhD, The Rockefeller University - USA

12:25 PM Lunch - The Fitz Bar & Creekside Patio, Fitz Bridge

Session VI: Sex Differences, Adaptive Functions and Organ Crosstalk

1:30 PM “Systems Network Modeling of Metabolic Diseases and Sex Differences” - Xia Yang, PhD, UCLA - USA

2:00 PM “Common Denominators for Increased COVID-19 Sensitivity with Diabetes, Obesity and Dyslipidemia” - Philipp Scherer, PhD, UT Southwestern - USA

2:30 PM “The X Chromosome Impacts Obesity and Statin Drug Adverse Effects” - Karen Reue, PhD, UCLA - USA

3:00 PM Afternoon Break

3:15 PM “Regulation and Function of Adipogenic Stromal Subpopulations in Adipose Tissue” - Rana Gupta, PhD, UT Southwestern - USA

3:45 PM “GIP-R and GLP-R: an Update” - Matthew Coghlan, PhD, Lilly - USA

4:15 PM Introduction to David L. Williams Lecture and Award

4:20 PM “TBD” - David L. Williams Lecture

4:50 PM Afternoon Break

6:30 - 10:00 PM Dinner Reception - Golden Peak Gardens