Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Session II: Liver Diseases-GI, NASH, Cholesthasis

Session Chairs: Michael Trauner, MD

7:15 AM Breakfast Buffet (Grand Ballroom Foyer)

8:00 AM “How Hepatocytes Polarize and What Happens When They Don’t” - Irwin Arias, MD, National Institutes of Health

8:50 AM “Regulation of the Structure of the Gut Microbiome by Bile Acids and Antibacterial Compounds” - Philip Hylemon, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

9:40 AM “Human Genetic Studies Identify Lipid Biology as Key Regulators of Pathology in NAFLD” - Elizabeth Speliotes, MD, Ph.D., MPH, University of Michigan

10:30 AM Break

10:50 AM “TGR5 in Liver Disease” - Verena Simone Keitel, Ph.D., Universität Düsseldorf

11:40 AM “Metabolic Effects of Intestinal Absorption and Enterohepatic Cycling of Bile Acids” - Paul Dawson, Ph.D., Emory University School of Medicine

12:30 PM Lunch (Mountain View Patio)

1:30 PM Industry Round Table (Grand Ballroom Salons A-E)

2:30-5:30 PM Poster Session (Grand Ballroom Salons F-J)