Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Session IV: Mechanisms Regulating Intracellular Lipid Storage and Mobilization

Session Chair: Rebecca Haeusler, PhD

7:30-9:00 AM Breakfast Buffet (Grand Ballroom Foyer)

8:30 AM  Franz Simon Poster Award/Introduction – Recipients To be Announced - Moshe Levi, MD, President, Kern Lipid Conference/Georgetown University

8:40 AM  “Epigenetic Regulation of Brown Adipose Tissue Function” - Hei Sook Sul, PhD, University of California – USA

9:10 AM “Adipose-Liver Signaling and Adaptive Thermogenesis" - Claudio J. Villanueva PhD, University of Utah - USA

9:40 AM “Lipid droplets and Lipotoxic Cell Death in Cancer" - James A. Olzmann PhD, University of California-Berkeley - USA

10:10 AM Coffee Break

10:25 AM “Interplay between ChREBP and SREBP Coordinates Glucose and Lipid Metabolism” - Guosheng Liang, PhD, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center – USA

10:55 AM “Dynamic Interactions at the Lipid Droplet Surface” - Robert Farese Jr., MD, Harvard University - USA

11:25 AM “Imaging Lipids, Lipid Dynamics, and Lipid-Protein Interactions” - Enrico Gratten, PhD, University of California-Irvine – USA

11:55 AM “PNPLA3, CGI-58, and Inhibition of Hepatic Triglyceride Hydrolysis” - Yang Wang, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - USA Young Investigator Short Talk

12:15 PM Lunch (Mountain View Patio)

Session V: Microbe - Host Interactions Impacting Lipid Metabolism & Cardiometabolic Disease

Session Chair: J. Mark Brown, PhD

1:30 PM “Microbiome Nutrition Therapy: Opportunities for Precision Medicine” - Tzu-Wen L. Cross, PhD, RD, Purdue University – USA

2:00 PM “Microbe-Driven Tryptophan Metabolism in Cardiometabolic Disease” - Kyongbum Lee, PhD, Tufts University – USA

2:30 PM “Microbial Metabolites Regulate Host Lipid Metabolism through NR5A-Hedgehog Signaling” - Meng C. Wang, PhD, HHMI, Baylor College of Medicine – USA

3:00 PM Coffee Break

3:15 PM “Regulation of Macrophage Lipid Metabolism by Fatty Acids” - AH (Sander) Kersten, PhD, Wageningen University – The Netherlands

3:45 PM “Intestinal NAPE Biosynthesis in the Prevention of Cardiometabolic Disease” - Sean Davies, PhD, Vanderbilt University – USA

4:15 PM Introduction to David L. Williams Lecture and Award - Mary Sorci-Thomas, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin – USA

4:20 PM David L. Williams Lecture: “Peroxisomal Lipid Metabolism and the Control of Energy Homeostasis” - Irfan Lodhi, PhD, Washington University in St. Louis - USA

4:50 PM Afternoon Break

6:30 PM Dinner Reception (Grand Ballroom)